Port Gentil is primarily a business destination centered on the oil and gas industry and the wood industry.  Yet, this quiet oasis is worth a visit and has significant tourism potential. We recommend activities and excursions to our guests to enhance their stay and to explore the area.
With a little preparation, you can discover a very rich fauna and flora as well as the rare opportunity to experience well-preserved, undisturbed nature. The Hotel Tara-Me can put you in contact with organizations to meet your wishes.


Gabon is a country well known for sport fishing and large fish.  From Port Gentil, a variety of fishing techniques are possible (trolling, angling, line fishing, surfcasting, jig, fly fishing …) as are a multitude of species depending on the season: blue marlin, sailfish, dolphin fish, wahoo, yellow tuna, and bonitos in the dry season; tarpon, red carp, barracuda, jackfish, grouper, kingfish, porgy, otolith, threadfin… throughout the year.

Hotel Tara-Mé recommends ocean and river fishing trips and can put you in contact with regional fishing organizations to access mythical sport fishing lagoons such as Olende, Iguela, Sette Cama…


Hotel Tara-Mé suggests boat outings to discover the abundance of dolphins and humpback whales swimming in nearby waters from June until the return of the rainy season. With a bit of luck, you might even spot some passing killer whales.


Hotel Tara-Mé has sporting equipment for rent: tennis and squash rackets, golf bags with full sets of clubs, body boards, diving equipment and spearfishing equipment…


With a richness of 13 national parks, the Gabonese government encourages environmental protection and preservation of biodiversity.  Historically, tourism development has been difficult due to lack of infrastructure and of logistical means as well as expensive transportation costs and the difficulties of obtaining a visa. The irregularity and the lack of reliability does not make the situation any easier.